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Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use by Students policy

Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use By Students - Policy

November 16, 2010


Dear Parents:

On February 11, 2008, the Carney Board of Education adopted a “Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use By Students” policy. 

The purpose of the policy is to provide a clear message to students, parents, and the citizens of the community that use, possession, distribution, sale, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or look-alike drugs as defined in Oklahoma statutes, and tobacco or tobacco products will not be tolerated on school buses, in school buildings, on school property, or at school-sponsored events.  This policy extends to all school-sponsored or related activities (including field trips and athletic and music trips), whether held on school property or at locations off school property, including private clubs, businesses, or commercial establishments.

Up until this point, students have been placed in In-School Suspension if found to be in possession of tobacco. Since there has been an ongoing problem with tobacco use at school, this letter is to inform you, that from this point forward, the school will contact local law enforcement when students are found in possession of any illegal substance including tobacco.  Law enforcement will then issue a citation and parents will be responsible for paying the ticket or going to municipal court.


Thank you for your support!